Welcome to Environment Operations Center!

The Environment Operations Center is a centralized control plane for managing and monitoring RadiantOne Identity Data Platform deployments. It provides a user-friendly interface for spinning up environments, deploying applications, accessing monitoring dashboards, scaling resources, applying updates, scheduling backups, and troubleshooting issues.

Getting Started

Radiant Logic’s fully managed, RadiantOne SaaS offering is built to deploy quickly and streamline configuration, maintenance, and upgrades. Learn how to log into the Environment Operations Center and perform the initial configuration required for delegated administration.


Learn how to use the Environment Operations Center as a centralized control plane to manage all RadiantOne environments.

Secure Data Connectors

Learn how to install, configure and use Secure Data Connectors as a secure way for cloud environments to selectively access on-premise identity data sources.


Learn how to manage account settings, Environment Operation Center users, environment alerts and integrations, and monitor cluster health.


Learn about reporting capabilities for RadiantOne Identity Data Platform.


Learn about monitoring the RadiantOne Identity Data Platform.

Release Notes

Learn about improvements and bug fixes for Environment Operations Center.