Descartes R2

Version Descartes R2 SP1

1) New Features

IGRC-4483 "attribute is not set" added in rules : Account and Identity
IGRC-4739 Enable / disable menu items based on license and conf variables

2) Bug fixes

- IGRC-3834 Avoid the locate in history of any entity during the collect
- IGRC-4727 Issue with metadata bwf_repositorymetrics_nbappshare in optimized mode
- IGRC-4738 change portal favicon to Radiant Logic ( 16x16 only)
- IGRC-4740 Server connection is cut when uploading a large file
- IGRC-4742 Removal of CVE-2023-44487
- IGRC-4745 The Business View sort options are ignored if the business view is embedded in another one
- IGRC-4747 fix rule editor labels and hide from smart search

Version Descartes R2

1) New Features

IGRC-4696 Add a new metadata computation phase (before temporal criteria)
IGRC-4708 Enable the capability to alter the truncation policy through properties within batch context

2) Bug fixes

- IGRC-4644 reviewactor and reviewaccountable tables should be cleaned on activiti db reinitiliasation
- IGRC-4646 Issue when resolving conflicts in IAP migration
- IGRC-4676 The current handling of the information in tconfiggrids can results in SQL insert errors
- IGRC-4678 Portal crashes when we click on nb of entries left to review
- IGRC-4679 Adding Reviewer as managers from the portal is not persisted in the next timeslot
- IGRC-4680 Improving query caching in the collect step
- IGRC-4682 Issue with portal created metadata if last timeslot is purged
- IGRC-4688 Change metadata step "after dynamic rules" to "before dynamic rules"
- IGRC-4689 In rules, the application tag criteria should be available also on safes
- IGRC-4691 Change Brainwave to Radiant Logic in Descartes R2
- IGRC-4698 Enable / disable controls and metadata based on license and conf variables
- IGRC-4702 Radiant Logic graphical chart as default theme in portal - configuration default colors,  labels & icons
- IGRC-4703 Update studio visuals for Radiant Logic
- IGRC-4704 Be able to disable Studio workspace build in the batch
- IGRC-4705 Javascript debugger (in BV, WF and Collect) does not display some native Java variables and generates an error in a popup on each execution step (step-in, step-over, step-out)
- IGRC-4706 Missing translation key Info.commitRenewPreviousExpertiseDomains in com.brainwave.iaudit.database.service.DatabaseLogger
- IGRC-4707 Replace SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT with a link on Radiant Logic website
- IGRC-4709 Suppress some Javascript false positive warnings
- IGRC-4711 Missing GO before CREATE TABLE queries for SQLServer
- IGRC-4715 Hidden timeslots are considered in the renew of the reconciliations
- IGRC-4716 Portal does not start when behind a reverse proxy or an apache front end
- IGRC-4719 Projects take a long time to close in studio
- IGRC-4720 timportlog is not taken into account by the truncation policy
- IGRC-4721 Change the DROP TABLES/VIEWS in SQLServer script with IF EXISTS to avoid errors
- IGRC-4722 Remove the JTDS driver from the package and the configuration options
- IGRC-4726 If the body of a notify rule contains '{', the content is interpreted as Javascript even though it is a CSS definition
- COL-1498 Activation failure during portal metadata renew
- COL-1514 Cannot create TypedQuery for query with more than one return using requested result type [java.lang.Long]