Welcome to Identity Analytics

Correlate your identity data and add analytics to improve data quality, properly respond to audit recommendations and automate IT controls. Get a full overview of access chains with all the identity context: gain key visibility into all human and non-human identities to simplify user access reviews and ensure that your company’s entitlements are compliant. Browse below to learn more about the capabilities and components that comprise Identity Analytics and link to the guides to help get you started.


This section describes the basic principles of IAP (Identity Analytics Platform) interfaces and dashboards.

Best Practices

This section describes the best practices to follow to fulfill the data & to configure the roles.

User Access Reviews

This section describes the basic principles of self-service compliance driven User Access Review as well as the best practices to configure reviews and manage remediations.

Release Notes

This section provides information on the different releases of IAP, including the compatibility matrix and the release notes for each version.


Controls Browser

Controls Browser provides administrators with an overview of the configured controls and associated defects to understand current risk.