Testing a ZooKeeper Cluster

Once the Zookeeper ensemble and RadiantOne FID nodes are installed, you can test access to the ZooKeeper cluster.

To test a Zookeeper cluster:

  1. On a machine that is running RadiantOne FID, open a Command Processor.

  2. At the command line, navigate to <RLI_HOME>\bin\advanced. With a default RadiantOne FID installation, this location would be as follows (on Windows).


  3. Run the following command.

    cluster.bat check

If Zookeeper is functional on all nodes, “SUCCESS” messages similar to the following are displayed.

An image showing

Figure 1: A Cluster Check with All Nodes Online

In the following image, one Zookeeper node has gone offline. In this example, RadiantOne nodes are unable to connect to the Zookeeper node at

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Figure 2: A Cluster Check with One Node Offline

In the following image, two Zookeeper nodes have gone offline. If the ZooKeeper ensemble only had three nodes to begin with, the loss of two nodes puts the service in a non-functional state since the quorum has been lost. The RadiantOne nodes are impacted at this point and will enter into a read-only mode where they cannot accept configuration changes nor client write operations.

An image showing

Figure 3: A Cluster Check with Two Nodes Offline