Using the Search Feature

The LDAP Browser offers a searching utility. This utility can be used to search for information contained in the directory.

  1. Select the binocular icon from the right-click menu (or toolbar). See Figure 1.

An image showing the search utility

Figure 1: The Search Utility

  1. The search parameters needed are DN (to start searching from), filter (by default set to objectclass=*), attributes (if you only want specific attributes returned), maximum number of entries to return (default is 100), and search scope (default is set to one level). The example below shows a search for information contained in one of the default virtual directory views provided with RadiantOne (companyprofiles). When an entry is selected, the attributes are displayed. See Figure 2.

An image showing using the search utility

Figure 2: Using the Search Utility

This concludes the LDAP Browser Guide. For details on configuring RadiantOne, please see the System Administration Guide.