Manage Global Identity Builder real-time persistent cache refresh

Once a Global Identity Builder project is complete, the global profile is kept up to date with changes that happen in the identity sources using real-time persistent cache refresh.

The definition of persistent cache can be found in the chapter Global Identity Builder concepts.

To learn how to leverage persistent cache, please read the section on configuring real-time persistent cache refresh.

At times it may be desirable or necessary to modify the properties of a project. In order to do so, real-time persistent cache refresh must be halted and restarted. To learn about this process, please read the section on re-configuring project properties.

Different changes to identity sources (in other words, source events) can occur. In response, real-time persistent cache refresh produces corresponding outcomes for global profile identities. To learn about the different kinds of source events and their respective results, please read how real-time persistent cache refresh impacts global profile identities.