Remapped Global Identity Builder group membership

After defining a computed attribute, you can get a runtime view of the result from the Main Control Panel > Directory Browser.

In the following example, a global profile identity, Don Jacobs, is selected. Note that his DN in the virtual namespace is: vuid=2dce80b7-055f-48b4-90c1-474a555d53a4,ou=Users,o=rli.

Sample Results

Before RadiantOne is configured to compute the member attribute for groups, you can see in the following screen that Don Jacobs is a member of the Accounting group in the ADDomain1 backend.

Sample Group Membership

After RadiantOne is configured to compute the group members, you can see that Don Jacob's DN associated with his global profile identity is returned as an Accounting group member. This is essential for client applications that will identify and authenticate Don Jacobs with a DN of vuid=2dce80b7-055f-48b4-90c1-474a555d53a4,ou=Users,o=rli to be able to find the corresponding groups that he is a member of for enforcing authorization and personalization.

Remapped Group Membership Example

To learn more about Global Identity Builder, please read the chapter that describes how to integrate and configure a Global Identity Builder custom data source