Re-configure Global Identity Builder project properties

After creating a Global Identity Builder project, sometimes project properties require changes. For example, you may acquire a new source of identity that requires modifying the schema definition. However, with real-time persistent cache refreshes running, configuration changes cannot be made. This section describes how to make these changes.

To re-configure an existing project's properties:

  1. From the Main Control Panel > PCache Monitoring tab, choose the process related to your Global Identity Builder project.
  2. When the topology loads, select Tools > Stop p-cache refresh.
    Stopping Persistent Cache Refresh
  3. On the Wizards tab, select the Global Identity Builder.
  4. On the Identity Correlation Projects page, select the Configure button next to the project you want to update.
  5. From the Edit drop-down menu, choose Global Profile.
  6. Make changes to the project property fields as required.
  7. Select Save.
  8. On the PCache Monitoring tab, start the persistent cache refresh related to your Global Identity Builder project.