For information on Interception scripts, please see Interception Scripts. The following steps describe how to enable an interception script at a global level (which are applicable to the entire RadiantOne namespace – all naming contexts).

To enable global interception:

  1. From the Control Panel > Setup > Directory Namespace > Namespace Design, select the top node named: Root Naming Contexts.

  2. On the right side, select the ADVANCED SETTINGS tab.

  3. Enable the operations you want to intercept and click SAVE. Global Interception Script

  4. Click: Edit Script

  5. After your script has been customized, save the file and then rebuild the intercept.jar by clicking: Build Intercept Jar at the bottom of the ADVANCED SETTINGS tab.

  6. Restart the RadiantOne service. This can be done in your environment in Environment Operations Center. After restart, the global interception script logic is invoked for the enabled operations.