Environment Operations Center v1.0.0 Release Notes

February 12, 2024

These release notes contain important information about new features, improvements and bug fixes for Environment Operations Center v1.0.0.

These release notes contain the following sections:

New Features


Security Vulnerability Fixes

Bug Fixes

Known Issues/Important Notes

How to Report Problems and Provide Feedback

New Features

  • [CUI-1189, 1094, 1095]: Introduced support for resetting the IDDM Directory Manager (super user) password.

  • [CUI-1098]: Add EOC login/logout activity into the Audit log.

  • [CUI-1121]: Added fine-grained log levels for EOC backend.

  • [CUI-1133, 1186]: Added support for installing sample data with Identity Data Analytics.

  • [CUI-1199]: Allow admin user to indicate an email address to send notifications to that can differ from their EOC login email.

  • [CUI-1211]: Add a “remember me” checkbox that a user can enable during MFA login so they won’t be required to enter their MFA for 30-days.

  • [CUI-1212]: Support for admins logging into EOC with email address and password if they do not have accounts in Github, Google or Microsoft. Also allow admins to indicate if a new user is required to update their password upon first login. Service user accounts don’t require a password update upon first login.

  • [CUI-1250]: Added support for a file management service to GET, PUT and DELETE files in the S3 bucket associated to the Environment.

  • [CUI-1265]: Added Last Login and MFA Status columns to Users table under Admin section.

  • [CUI-1316]: Added support for MFA for local users.

  • [CUI-1319]: Added support for a forgot password experience that the user can invoke to get emailed a password reset link.

  • [CUI-1323]: Added a confirmation for reset password & notification card for first reset password after login of EOC.

  • [CUI-1346]: Added a payload property to set during the creation of Auto Scaling Groups.

  • [CUI-1367]: Added details when an environment is scaled up or down into the activity log.

  • [CUI-1370]: Added an option for an Admin to receive only notification of actions triggered by themselves.

  • [CUI-1374]: Added an option for an Admin to disable all notifications

  • [CUI-1406]: Added support to stop Secure Data Connector in EOC.

  • [CUI-1419]: Add persistent volume to Grafana to be able to preserve the configuration after restart.

  • [CUI-1491]: Add support to “Reset MFA and Reset Password” for local users under the Account Settings and “Reset MFA” for all users.


  • [CUI-899]: Improved the Secure Data Connector configuration page to allow the columns to be sortable.

  • [CUI-975]: Allow tokens used by Secure Data Connector to be regenerated with a new expiration value by the user.

  • [CUI-1100]: Improved the layout/display of the Secure Data Connectors configured.

  • [CUI-1183]: Support Identity Data Analytics endpoint health checks.

  • [CUI-1232]: Disable the environment backup option when the status is OFFLINE.

  • [CUI-1253]: During environment creation, allow to install samples as an option even when you want to create the environment using a migration file.

  • [CUI-1266]: Allow admins to delete environments they’ve created.

  • [CUI-1310]: Changed the app endpoints order on the Identity Analytics details page.

  • [CUI-1332]: Improvement to not use auto-fill for credentials.

  • [CUI-1334]: Improvement to merge related alerts (to show when job/activity started, ended and with which status) into a single email notification to reduce the number of emails.

  • [CUI-1338]: Improvement to determine the service health based on stateful set health and pod status.

  • [CUI-1404]: Improve the Secure Data Connector registration page and the regeneration of the token.

  • [CUI-1409]: Improve display related to Secure Data Connector status: yellow = paused, red = failed, grey = inactive.

  • [CUI-1427]: Improve the error message displayed when a user tries to create an environment with a name already used.

  • [CUI-1454]: Don’t allow the environment details to be modified for default alerts and only have one environment for each default alert. Custom alerts should allow modifications for environment details.

  • [CUI-1459]: Roles and Rights improvements for Environment Admins to properly stop/start/restart environments running Identity Data Management and stop/start environments running Identity Data Analytics.

  • [CUI-1519]: Improved the notification templates for alerts to be clearer and less frequent.

  • [CUI-1553]: Added support in Identity Data Management deployments to allow installing samples even if Advanced Setup (importing a migration file) is used.

  • [CUI-1542]: Improvement to exclude the applications that are in a stopped state when counting the number of nodes used per application in the Environments > Overview section.

  • [CUI-1520 & 1545]: Added support for sorting and filtering the Environment list and improved the performance of these operations.

  • [CUI-1581]: Updated the alerts endpoint and the database view to also return/include metric details (metric name, threshold, duration, condition, statistic and alert status)

  • [CUI-1586, 1587, 1588 & 1589]: Improvements to searching/filtering environments.

Security Vulnerability Fixes

  • [CUI-1302, 1303, 1304, 1305, 1306, 1307]: Resolved security vulnerabilities outlined in CVE-2021-23434, CVE-2020-15256, CVE-2023-45133, CVE-2022-25883, CVE-2023-45857, CVE-2022-46175 and CWE-1321

  • [CUI-1079, 1080, 1240, 1239, 1238, 1237, 1235, 1234, 1233]: Resolved security vulnerabilities outlined in CVE-2022-25883, CWE-1333, CVE-2023-45133, CWE-184, CVE-2023-44487, CWE-400 CVE-2023-32002, CVE-2022-48174, CWE-787.

  • [CUI-1076, 1077, 1083]: Resolved security vulnerabilities outlined in CVE-2022-48174, CWE-787, CVE-2022-37620, CWE-1333, CVE-2023-34104.

  • [CUI- 1028, 1027, 1026, 1022, 1021]: Add support for deploying Identity Data Analytics application.

  • [CUI-1241, 1255, 1257, 1258, 1259]: Resolved security vulnerabilities outlined in CVE-2023-45857, CWE-352, CVE-2020-15256 and CWE-1321.

Bug Fixes

  • [CUI- 1023]: Fixed an issue with selecting an Environment in the Monitoring section.

  • [CUI-1030]: Fixed an issue with taking backups that was causing it to fail.

  • [CUI-1031]: Fixed an issue with enabling both the LDAPS and REST endpoints for IDDM at the same time.

  • [CUI-1068]: Fix so that if the majority of nodes are OFFLINE, the status of the application shows WARNING instead of OPERATIONAL.

  • [CUI-1103]: Fixed an issue with creating new IDDM environments based on a migration file.

  • [CUI-1111]: Scale to 0 functionality replaced by Application Stop option, now scaling can be only down to 1.

  • [CUI-1132]: Fix to not display the Delete Backup option when the user has insufficient permissions to perform this activity.

  • [CUI-1172]: Fixed an issue with environment creation notification emails not being sent if an environment is created without applications.

  • [CUI-1184]: Fixed an issue with EOC login being case sensitive.

  • [CUI-1190]: Fix so the application details displayed properly correspond to the selected application.

  • [CUI-1178]: Fix an issue where deleting a Secure Data Connector in an environment did not delete the data source in the data connector.

  • [CUI-1277]: Fixed an issue with readding a user that had been deleted.

  • [CUI-1210]: Fix to allow users to press Enter after entering MFA code to login.

  • [CUI-1415]: Fixed an issue with scheduled backups still occuring even after disabling backups.

  • [CUI-1426]: Email validation used for environment creation should allow -,+,_ special characters.

  • [CUI-1489]: Fix to ensure when an IDDM environment is deleted, the data sources associated with the Secure Data Connector are also deleted.

  • [CUI-1492]: Fix to return a proper Unauthorized message when a user attempts to add an application to an environment and they don’t have the needed permissions.

  • [CUI-1493]: Fixed an issue with searching for environments by name.

  • [CUI-1499]: Fix to prevent users from creating environments with multiple applications (two IDDM apps) simultaneously by accidently double-clicking the CREATE ENVIRONMENT button.

  • [CUI-1494]: Fix to allow the "Regenerate Token" option to be available for a Secure Data Connector even when an agent is in inactive state.

  • [CUI-1506]: Fixed an issue with the LDAPS endpoint showing available status (green) even after the environment is stopped.

  • [CUI-1513]: Fixed an issue where tenant admins were unable to create new alerts for environments.

  • [CUI-1523]: Fixed an issue that was preventing admins from creating environments containing two applications.

  • [CUI-1537]: Fixed an issue with viewing version history.

  • [CUI-1578]: Fixed an issue with active alerts not displaying properly on the Environments > Alerts page.

  • [CUI-1580]: Fixed an issue causing error 500 when navigating between environment tabs.

  • [CUI-1585]: Fixed an issue with Application status/summary on the EOC Overview page being inconsistent when navigating back to this page.

  • [CUI-1599]: Fixed an issue with the Environments Overview page not being automatically refreshed after an Identity Data Management application is deployed. Therefore the Scale button was missing.

Known Issues/Important Notes

For known issues reported after the release, please see the Radiant Logic Knowledge Base:

How to Report Problems and Provide Feedback

Feedback and problems can be reported from the Support Center/Knowledge Base accessible from:

If you do not have a user ID and password to access the site, please contact: [email protected].