Environment Operations Center v1.1.0 Release Notes

July 1, 2024

These release notes contain important information about new features, improvements and bug fixes for Environment Operations Center v1.1.0.

These release notes contain the following sections:

New Features


Bug Fixes

Known Issues/Important Notes

How to Report Problems and Provide Feedback

New Features

  • [CUI-1510, 1641]: Added ability to define new OIDC providers in EOC from Admin > Settings. Also added the ability to enable/disable MFA (enforced by EOC) for each OIDC connections to allow admins to avoid multiple levels of MFA enforcement.

  • [CUI-1478]: Added ability for customers to subscribe to release channels to get access to beta releases.

  • [CUI-1684]: Added support for handling multiple Grafana dashboards to support monitoring/reporting dashboards for both Identity Data Management and Identity Analytics.


  • [CUI-1129]: Improvement to update email notification templates.

  • [CUI-1615]: Improvements for alerts to save context information about which user reads which alerts, implement marking alerts as read when the user expands an alert, and only displaying unread alerts in the bell menu.

  • [CUI-1619]: Improvement to display a helpful message in the Environment next to applications that are not included in a customer's SaaS subscription.

  • [CUI-1660 & 1662]: Improvement to add an Applications drop-down selector to the Monitoring page.

  • [CUI-1651]: Slight refactoring of the Environments Overview page to more clearly display the applications details.

  • [CUI-1666]: Improvement to hide the tier selection from admin user when creating environments.

  • [CUI-1648]: Improvement to split environment-specific activity logs and application-specific activity logs. Also introduced filtering by activity type and entity type.

  • [CUI-1679, 1647]: Renamed "Activity Log" in the Environments > <Environment_Name> to "Events" and added two sub-tabs for it for clarity: one for activity the other for audit. Also added an Activity Type column.

  • [CUI-1692]: Improvement to add a Description property that can be manually populated with details by the admin when creating new environments.

  • [CUI-1694 & 1697]: Added search functionality on all table elements at the application level.

  • [CUI-1702]: Added search functionality on the Activity Log.

  • [CUI-1713, 1736, 1738]: Improvements for the Dashboard > Quick Links and & What's New widget.

  • [CUI-1753]: Added a Tasks section to the Admin page.

  • [CUI-1754]: Improved the Environment Details page with the job progress.

  • [CUI-1755]: Improved the Application Overview page with the job status if a job is running.

  • [CUI-1798]: Enable viewing logs for IDA in EOC.

  • [CUI-1892]: Improved configuration of Alerts in EOC.

  • [CUI-1855, 1867 & 1868]: Record tenant and settings-related actions in the Activity Log.

  • [CUI-1799]: Added monitoring for Identity Analytics into EOC.

Bug Fixes

  • [CUI-1617]: Fixed a problem with Monitoring environments resulting in "Environment is not ready" message being shown.

  • [CUI-1629]: Fixed a problem with Identity Analytics being unable to start after being stopped.

  • [CUI-1630]: Fixed an issue with being unable to delete failed environments or failed applications.

  • [CUI-1632]: Fixed an issue with being unable to delete environments that have no applications deployed in them.

  • [CUI-1637]: Fixed issues with the MFA registration page to save the MFA secret only after a successful log and to show the QR code at all times unless a successful login was made using MFA.

  • [CUI-1636]: Fixed an issue with being able to add applications in an environment when a node limit was reached, preventing users from completing the form.

  • [CUI-1711]: Fix to support password reset functions for local accounts only in EOC.

  • [CUI-1712]: Fixed an issue with MFA status being shown incorrectly after reset.

  • [CUI-1786, 1787, 1788, 1804]: Fixed issues with backup operations for Identity Analytics.

  • [CUI-1806]: Fixed issues with manual backups for Identity Data Management.

Known Issues/Important Notes

For known issues reported after the release, please see the Radiant Logic Knowledge Base:

How to Report Problems and Provide Feedback

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