Best practice for rules

Rules should be used as a library of business filters for ledger data.
When adding filters to a view, prefer to use a rule instead:

  • Better performance (saved rule results);
  • Reusesability (same rule used in different views);


Use the project/facet identifier as a prefix in the rule identifier and name.
Use the same naming rules for attributes as for views.

Example rule:
Sample rule

Saved rules

When reusing rules in views, it's better to use the saved rule result links in views, as it's faster.
For instance:
View saved rules

You have to ensure that the rule is included in the execution plan:
Rule execution plan


There is no dependency check between rules.
If you want a main rule to use saved rule results from detail rules, the main rule cannot be saved in the execution plan!
Rule dependencies


  • Definition
  • Saved rules
  • Warnings