Release Notes Descartes R3

Version Descartes R3

New Features

  • COL-1538: Add perimeter as a main entity in view
  • IGRC-3104: allow multivalued parameters in workflow, provisioning, businessview and portal javascript API (executeView, esxceuteProcess, writeMetadata, countView)
  • IGRC-4334: Be able to set the priority of an e-mail (notify rule)
  • IGRC-4479: Rules: Add a join from rights to accounts (direct) not through group
  • IGRC-4486: In the execution plan logs, add number of timeslots already in the DB
  • IGRC-4516: Add email attribute to accounts in smartSearch
  • IGRC-4557: In the CSV source component add the possibility to select the "UTF-8 BOM" as the file encoding
  • IGRC-4621: Ability to use regexp in rules, views and smartsearch
  • IGRC-4760: Javascript allow to parse ISO date format
  • IGRC-4761: Include the purge activiti and tickets in the purge mechanism
  • IGRC-4768: Cleans activiti tables from already deleted timeslots
  • IGRC-4784: Add notion of CI manager
  • IGRC-4792: Be able to prevent log file deletion on batch exit
  • IGRC-4794: Add an option in igrc_sqlscript to create all migration scripts in separate files

Bug fixes

  • IGRC-3823: Retry purge when there is an error
  • IGRC-4423: Clear password in the logs if password is used in an update variable
  • IGRC-4453: In the studio, stats updates to improve performance are not performed on portal tables.
  • IGRC-4518: An index is missing on the table tmetadatavalue on the column ctimeslotfk
  • IGRC-4540: Deprecated criteria in rule editor
  • IGRC-4631: Ambiguous label in business view filters
  • IGRC-4642: Empty type 5 control are executed and returns all identities
  • IGRC-4676: The current handling of the information in tconfiggrids can results in SQL insert errors
  • IGRC-4759: No longer insert in the DB when when using an importfile with uncollected entity
  • IGRC-4763: Event is now created when a group doesn't exist
  • IGRC-4767: Update delegation tables at the end of timeslot validation
  • IGRC-4783: Links between CIs are not unfolded if predefined CI families are not respected
  • IGRC-4785: Add any missing links related to CI in rules and views
  • IGRC-4787: Create new table to collect theoretical rights in import table
  • IGRC-4789: Fix Business view with prefix returns wrong result
  • IGRC-4795: Add missing labels in smartsearch
  • IGRC-4800: Under Oracle, in the portal, modifying, adding or deleting a manager (on any entity) does not work and causes an error in the log.
  • IGRC-4801: Under Oracle the index update action takes an unjustified amount of time.
  • IGRC-4805: Remove workflow publication when launching a purge process
  • COL-1278: Typo correction
  • COL-1292: Misleading phrasing of the sample batch result values in technical conf
  • COL-1402: Harmonize validation logs
  • COL-1515: Generating self permission links can fail if self permission link already loaded during collect
  • COL-1538: add join between perimeter and raw permission link and metadata
  • COL-1539: Improvements for group and permission children targets
  • COL-1542: Set the prefix on the name when doing a join
  • COL-1545: Metadata and perimeter links missing in views
  • COL-1547: Remove attribute when operator is 'looks like' and 'not looks like'
  • COL-1552: Computed manager hierarchy working without -Duseportalinexecplan=true
  • COL-1566: Optimization of no owner accounts recon


  • Version Descartes R3
  • New Features
  • Bug fixes