Performance investigation in SQL server

In order to efficiently investigate performance issues, some information on Brainwave iGRC's infrastructure and configuration is required (dbcheck), such as :

  • The list of parameters
  • The sizing of the database
  • The index fragmentation
  • The list of views
  • And so on

This article includes a SQL script, and it's associated documentation. The results should be sent to Brainwave's support service to aide in the resolution of performance issues.


The following scripts have been tested using SQL Server 2008 to 2016.
You should have an instance of Microsoft SQL Management Studio installed to execute the scripts.

In order to be able to retrieve all the necessary information on the sizing and configuration of the database it is necessary to use an SQL Server administration account.
To retrieve the information related to the ledger schema you can use the iGRC user account.



Performance issues are highly dependent on the architecture use on the platform presenting the issues. In order to help the support team to diagnose the situation it is necessary to fill out the excel file BrainwavePerformanceAnalysisTemplate.xlsx attached to this page and send it to the support team.
The more information provided and the easier the diagnostic will be.

SQL Database

This page includes attached, two scripts, that are provided by Brainwave GRC :

  • CheckDB_SQLServer_Vxx.sql - Provides All information on the database : parameters, sizing, statistics, indexes fragmentation and iGRC schema
  • SQLserver_iGRC_Schema.sql - Provides only information on the iGRC schema as number of records per tables, per Time Slots and so on

Open either script in SQL Management Studio and before running it. It is necessary to indicate the name of the database to be queried on the following lines:

Line Number


use <database_name>;


set @dbname = '<database_name>';


set @dbschema = '<database_schema>';

Save the results to an output file and send all to the Brainwave support team.


All files are available for download in the following links:

  • BrainwavePerformanceAnalysisTemplate.xlsx
  • CheckDB_SQLServer_V15.sql
  • CheckDB_SQLServer_V16.sql
  • SQLServer_iGRC_Schema.sql


  • Prerequisites
  • Procedure
  • Architecture
  • SQL Database
  • Downloads