Git repository connection using SSH

Usually, we connect to a repository from Git using HTTP (something like below).

Git repository connection using HTTPS

But, did you know that is also possible to connect using SSH ?

Git repository connection using SSH

If not, here is the procedure to follow to plug your iGRC project to Git using SSH:

SSH configuration on Studio

First, you have to configure the SSH settings of your Studio:

  • Go to the Preferences menu
  • In it, go to SSH2 section
  • On General tab, configure the home folder for SSH

SSH home folder creation

SSH home configuration under Studio

Create a couple private/public keys

Then, you need to generate a couple of private/public keys. Both methods are available:

  • Using the Studio
    • Go to the Preferences menu
    • In it, go to SSH2 section and go to Key Management tab
    • Then, click on Generate RSA key... (it works the same for Generate DSA key...)
    • Save both private/public keys clicking on Save Private Key... (you can add a passphrase if you want)

Public key generation on BitBucket

  • Using a command line (you need the ssh-keygen utility available)
    • Open your terminal
    • Using ssh-keygen command, you can generate your couple of keys (see an example of line and the result below)

Public key generation with CMD


  • Your private and public keys should be now available (a file without extension for the private key and a .pub file for the public key)!

Private/Public keys

Once your keys are created, you should now declare the public key in your Git account profile. Depending of the Git used, the principle is to copy/paste the public key. See below example with BitBucket :

Git server account profile

Git server public key declaration adding

Git server public key declaration added

Create and configure a SSH configuration file

The next step is to create a SSH configuration file:

  • In the SSH home folder containing your keys, create a config file
  • Put and adapt the below content with your contextual information
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa  

Here is an example for Brainwave Bitbucket:

config file example

Plug to the Git repository

You have now all that you need to connect to the Git repository from your Studio. Copy/paste the URI from the remote Git server of the repository you want to clone.

Let all values by default, it should work as is.

Clone repository

  • Click on Next
  • For the first time, you should be asked for
    • Host declaration in the SSH known hosts list
    -known_hosts file creation to put the host to reach

Host connection confirmation

known_host file creation

  • You should now be asked for the selection of branches in the repository

Repository branches selection

From this step, you should be able to see the project in your Studio and work on it!