Index Management

Important notice


The following procedure should ONLY be applied to existing projects. The project scope and perimeter MUST have been stabilized in time. Applying the following procedures to a project where the scope is changing can result in a degradation of the portal and/or of the execution plan.

In the latest version of the DB_check you will find the list of unused indexes.

Please use one of the following links for more information on the usage of the DB_Check

Once the elements provided the support service will have provided you with:

  • A list of indexes to delete from the database.
  • A file named indexes_to_ignore.txt containing the list of deleted indexes to be ignored during the Execution plan.

You should then:

  • Perform the drop of the indexes using the provided scripts
  • Add the file indexes_to_ignore.txt to the \configurations folder of your project

Project scope evolution

Assuming that a subset of indexes have been deleted and that the scope of the project has changed, it is highly recommended to test the performance of the updated project to ensure the optimal performance of the execution plan and during the navigation in the web portal.

This is especially the case when adding new concepts to the project. For example the addition of theoretical rights, unstructured data, and so forth.