Analytics section

An analytics section has been added to the search pages as of version 2015 R3. Thanks to this section you can add your search results in a dedicated pages or report for further analysis:

Analytics section in search pages


The analytics section is attached to a 'feature'. The current user must have the feature to see the 'show/hide' analytics button.

The corresponding features are located in the /webportal/features/pages.featureconfiguration element:

feature name


Show the analytics panel in the identity search view


Show the analytics panel in the account search view


Show the analytics panel in the application search view


Show the analytics panel in the group search view


Show the analytics panel in the organisation search view


Show the analytics panel in the permission search view


Show the analytics panel in the repository search view

Managing analytics pages and reports

The search pages have been designed to create the links dynamically to analytics pages and reports taking advantage of the tagging system. They will link automatically to all pages and reports that are properly tagged with the same concept and that expect to receive the UIDs as a parameter. The Identity Search page will link to all pages and reports that contain the tags identity and byuids. Follow the default tags and comply with the requirements in order to obtain the best results.


Search pages will send:

  • The uids of the concept being reviewed, serves as identifier of the elements selected in the search view.

The page and report might use more parameters; However, they will not be sent by default by the search page. For that reason, it is recommended that any other parameter is declared optional.

Default Tags

The minimal required tags are: the concept tag and the byuids tag. However, best practice is to include a third tag that matches the category:


The concept tag

This tag is directly associated to the concept. The tags used. account, application, group, identity, organisation, permission, repository

The priority declared on this tag is related to the order in which the link will be displayed. The value is one of the default priorities and is related to each of the categories. The idea is that that the link are displayed by category


This tags means that the page or report expect to receive the uid as a parameter.

Not used


Browsing reports and pages

Default value is 200, declared in concept tag


Review reports and pages

Default value is 300, declared in concept tag


Analytics reports and pages

Default value is 400, declared in concept tag


Mining reports and pages

Default value is 500, declared in concept tag


Tag used to identify the printable version of the detail page. Only one report by concept should be tagged as printable. By default , the old reports used as detail reports use this tag.

Default value is 100, declared in concept tag

An example of a properly tagged analytics Page:

properly tagged analytics Page

The uids parameter should be used as such in the views :

uids parameter