Review wizard migration

This documentation will guide you in the migration processes of reviews generated with the version IGRC 2017 to Ader R1 or other newest versions. Many improvements and enhancements were added to the review generation engine in Ader. The following table will show the differences in behaviours between 2017 R3 & Ader.

2017 R3

Overwriting the generated files at each build of the review



Allow the migration of bw_reviewtemplates add-on



Review generation merge tool availability



Manage bw_reviewtemplates add-on version



It is important to understand that when using version 2017 R3 the files belonging to the upper left table in build tab are overwritten each time the Build button is pressed. If changes have been applied to these files, then these changes will be lost when upon the build of a new version.


Determining the installed Review Templatesadd-on

Before proceeding with the migration it is necessary to ensure that the review template source file (bw_reviewtemplates_XXXXX.facet) located in the folder library\facet corresponds exactly to the installed version in the project and the version used to generate the review.

Please note that when using version 2017 R3 the facet manager does not take into account the build number in the facet. For example if the following two facets are present in the library\facets folder, the product will not detect that an upgrade is possible:

  • bw_reviewtemplates_1.2.9147.facet
  • bw_reviewtemplates_1.2.9261.facet

Please be sure to keep only the .facet equivalent to the installed files. If unsure about what .facet was installed, then the easiest solution is to delete and then re-install the desired version.

Installed version of bw_reviewtemplates

Determining the used Review Template add-on

Unfortunately for a review built using version 2017 R3 the information about which version of the add-on was used to generate the review is not available. Before migrating to Ader it is necessary to identify what version of review template add-on was installed. Once the generation version identified please keep only this version in your library\facets folder.

As an example, considering the installed version was bw_reviewtemplates_1.2.9147.facet and in our library\facets folder we have three different versions:

  • bw_reviewtemplates_1.2.9261.facet
  • bw_reviewtemplates_1.1.8869.facet
  • bw_reviewtemplates_1.2.9147.facet

It is necessary to delete bw_reviewtemplates_1.2.9261.facet and bw_reviewtemplates_1.1.8869.facet keeping only the correct source facet file (bw_reviewtemplates_1.2.9147.facet).

Cleaning the library\facets folder

Review file content

Before upgrading your review be sur to check that the review settings were not modified since the last review build, i.e. changes to the file. If this is the case please revert to the previous state by replacing the version of the review file with the version used for last build.

First review build on Ader

After performing the previous steps, you can know launch your first new build of the review template on Ader. This build is important as it will all the necessary new elements included in the latest version of the Review Template add-on. In addition this will store a copy of review file to library\referencereview folder. This file is important as it will serve as a reference for the future upgrades.

Unknown version of the review template add-on

After using the blue arrow to launch the build you will get dialog box that details that an upgrade is needed, you need to confirm to continue the operation.

First review build on Ader

Before migration to Ader: picture taken from 2017 R3 SP6

Before migration to Ader

After migration in Ader (2019 R1) : picture taken from Ader (2019 R1)

Changes after migration to Ader

At this point you have finished the migration of your review generated using 2017 to Ader. You can now upgrade to a newer version of bw_reviewtemplates if needed, you can follow Review build and migration documentation for the future review builds and bw_reviewtemplates add-on migrations.