Timeslots and execution plan

Timeslot status

Here are the allowed timeslot statuses in the database (timportlog.cstatus):

  • I: Import (Sandbox)
  • W: Active (Waiting for validation or Working)
  • C: Current
  • A: Archive
  • D: Hidden (as good as Deleted for portal users)
  • S: Reserved (not used - yet)

Here are the matching icons for each status:
Timeslot status icons

Timeslot specific attributes

Some attributes in the Ledger (or data model) are timeslot specific.
See specific attributes linked to time.

iGRC Purge

You can use igrc_purge.cmd either with the purge from the technical configuration (purge tab), or by passing the timeslot status (one of the values from above).


  • Timeslot status
  • Timeslot specific attributes
  • iGRC Purge