Identity Analytics 1.x Release Notes

IAP 1.8

BWIPUAR-1027: Add missing labels on detail pages
BWIPUAR-1037: Permission glossary management does not uncheck entries
BWIPUAR-1041: Count discrepancy between "results count" and "analytics"
BWIPUAR-1046: Review tag selection allows empty values
BWIPUAR-1050: IAS review should use the same priorities selector as the other reviews
BWIPUAR-1102: Dashboard servers - Not really a standard repository 
BWIPUAR-1120: Performance of "bulk add a new tag" action
BWIPUAR-1174: Self service pivot table analytics for a given organization
BWIPUAR-1178: Improve application self service analytics with new measures
BWIPUAR-1179: Add new measures in group self-service analytics 
BWIPUAR-1180: Add new measures in identity search analytics: self service analytics
BWIPUAR-1194: New search capabilities: Add more search pages for resource owners and more rule based search capabilities for tech or func admins
BWIPUAR-1195: Add ability to define a specific title for a campaign instance
BWIPUAR-1196: English translation fixes on IAP standard identity controls - Harmonization with EE "" file 
BWIPUAR-1215: Remove hardcoded labels in review finalization page
BWIPUAR-1219: Migrate timeslot pages to the new look&feel
BWIPUAR-1220: English translation fixes on IAP standard account & group controls - Harmonization with EE "" file 
BWIPUAR-1223: Organization Detail Page - Manager tab issue when a manager manages more than one organization
BWIPUAR-1224: Add last campaign instance status column in campaigns model list
BWIPUAR-1225: English translation fixes on IAP standard permission & quality controls - Harmonization with EE "" file 
BWIPUAR-1230: English translation fixes on IAP standard remediation & review controls - Harmonization with EE "" file 
BWIPUAR-1234: Align the KPIs / lists on the admin home page
BWIPUAR-1246: Delete line from files
BWIPUAR-1249: Organizations KPIs display in Org Details Page
BWIPUAR-1250: Search Pages: in Fr display columns headers on 2 rows if needed
BWIPUAR-1259: Update reports rpt library to 2023
BWIPUAR-1285: Add feature for folder rights filter checkbox
BWIPUAR-1322: Role Mining
BWIPUAR-1323: Missing NLS entry in "access360analytics_identityshareselfservice page"
BWIPUAR-1328: improve review KPIs display in admin page
BWIPUAR-1333: Role Mining Global Roles management
BWIPUAR-1336: Refine admin dashboard layout
BWIPUAR-1337: Add an option in group details "accounts" tab to include disabled accounts
BWIPUAR-1338: Align IAP with Curie R3 SP3
BWIPUAR-1339: Remediation management page has a horizontal scrollbar
BWIPUAR-1341: Warning message is truncated on remediation page
BWIPUAR-1343: The message when an IAS review is launched is incorrect
BWIPUAR-1346: In access review Management, compliance report tab, the filters on review status are not working
BWIPUAR-1347: It's not possible to filter on review status in "Entries management" tab
BWIPUAR-1348: Some typo errors in French in review pages.
BWIPUAR-1352: Missing control code in controldiscrepancy for multiple dashboards
BWIPUAR-1356: As an application owner I want to know which groups grant access to my application
BWIPUAR-1357: For a given application account I want to know if the account is part of groups who are granting rights to the application
BWIPUAR-1358: As an application owner I want to analyze the accounts/groups in my application
BWIPUAR-1378: In crosstables, do not use the same value with distinct label for dim attributes
BWIPUAR-1393: Reports names consistencies
BWIPUAR-1395: Review headers improvements
BWIPUAR-1397: Perf issue to access "bwaccess360_accessreviewmanagementdetailright"
BWIPUAR-1401: Remediation Management Page - KPI titles are truncated
BWIPUAR-1403: Issue with the content of the compliance report available for download after the review
BWIPUAR-1405: Account review - Actions requested - The filter on repository is not operational.
BWIPUAR-1427: Customize message for Servers
BWIPUAR-1437: Folder self service analytics: missing report description
BWIPUAR-1441: Hide Control ACC23: Theoretical rights do not handle folder rights for now
BWIPUAR-1458: Update the Role Mining User Guide 
BWIPUAR-1459: Review Group list and Crosstab mode: delegated entries are always filtered
BWIPUAR-1460: Handling of reviewers leavers in the reviews
BWIPUAR-1481: Access Review Management Page do not display review launched on purged timeslots
BWIPUAR-559: Add Campaign Type to Decision history page
BWIPUAR-824: Standardize # or Nb in the headers of search tables for all entities
BWIPUAR-827: Make the filter button in iap review more user friendly

IAP 1.7

BWIPUAR-1013: Delegation menu available from Access360
BWIPUAR-1026: GROUP01 Control should take into account group hierarchy
BWIPUAR-1035: Orphaned Accounts Reconciliation Management title is misleading
BWIPUAR-1036: The reconciliation page should show the rule's displayname
BWIPUAR-1040: Increase the size of the 'origin' tabs
BWIPUAR-1042: HR Controls dashboard: wrong language in staff control
BWIPUAR-1048: It's possible to launch an IAP review without selection
BWIPUAR-1049: IAP review: the warning on the review size is not updated
BWIPUAR-1069: Documentation 'integration_guide" - IAP controls -  inconsistencies
BWIPUAR-1071: Add new project mashup dashboards & extend resource owners capabilities to access their own dashboard and data
BWIPUAR-1072: Improve reconciliation management analytics
BWIPUAR-1075: Add new controls to detect people with several accounts on the same systems
BWIPUAR-1076: As a brainwave developer I want an easier way to query for the LATEST review status of a given account/access right
BWIPUAR-1077: Sorting on the "reconciliation rule" column does not seem to work.
BWIPUAR-1079: Typo error in all "" files
BWIPUAR-1080: Problem of navigation in the "bulk personal" action when you cancel the identity selection dailog box
BWIPUAR-1082: In the list of leavers, filter "SETUP" of the selection.
BWIPUAR-1083: The title of the dialog box does not match the action selected for 'bulk technical"
BWIPUAR-1084: Regression - refreshPendingRecon no longer exists
BWIPUAR-1086: Perf issues on recon management page
BWIPUAR-1088: HR Controls dashboard - The organisation filter is not working
BWIPUAR-1090: Dashboard Application control - User accounts reactivated - The rule is incorrect. It would be more like "being in discrepency of controls which name is ACC27"
BWIPUAR-1093: Portaluar_linemanagers returns all types of managers
BWIPUAR-1097: Missing translation key "import.error_author" in "com.brainwave.isaudit.database.mashup.nls.MashupNLS"
BWIPUAR-1098: Update documentation for new roles and perimeters
BWIPUAR-1099: Update documentation with new controls
BWIPUAR-1100: Inconsistency between search pages and controls regarding active identities
BWIPUAR-1103: Typo in My Team HR Controls Dashboard
BWIPUAR-1107: Control browser - The "Clear" action does not take into account the "Show control with discrepancies only" selection.
BWIPUAR-1108: Control browser - Information is truncated on the "Info" right section. Mainly for Name and description of control
BWIPUAR-1109: Control browser - When sorting the "Discrepancies" column, the "0" values are not ordered correctly.
BWIPUAR-1111: Control Browser - NLS for "All discrepancies"
BWIPUAR-1112: Control browser - Status of remediation set to "null" when no remediation is done
BWIPUAR-1113: What is behind the "Share" flag?
BWIPUAR-1114: Control Browser - The multiple remediation request from the deviation list does not work properly.
BWIPUAR-1116: HR Controls Dashboard - HR16-19 control names
BWIPUAR-1119: Control Browser - Filter identities on jobs - List populate with only "Account Coordinator" job
BWIPUAR-1122: Control Browser - Delete the checkboxes for entities for which there is no remediation possible.
BWIPUAR-1124: Control Browser - The number of discrepancies is truncated.
BWIPUAR-1128: Admin home page - The link to "browse my analytics" should should be directly on "Analytics" tab of the My 360 Access page
BWIPUAR-1129: The new "Account / rights review compliance status" pages are not nationalized
BWIPUAR-1130: Add new account controls for data quality and operational efficiency
BWIPUAR-1131: Update IAP controls to add scope wherever necessary.
BWIPUAR-1132: "Manage Controls Execution" (In admin/system) is probably no longer useful.
BWIPUAR-1133: Add i18n for controls HR16 to HR21
BWIPUAR-1136: Add documentation for Controls Browser
BWIPUAR-1137: Control Browser - .Since the scope was added to all controls, the list of control types contains several occurrences of the same type.
BWIPUAR-1138: Control Browser - Missing icons on some control types
BWIPUAR-1139: Hide the filter on control type; change the filter on entity for Folder / Share
BWIPUAR-1140: Add rights remediation in analyze tab - UI actionable
BWIPUAR-1141: Take into account the control type Right (without the S), to display the rights in the dialog
BWIPUAR-1142: Ledger content - null values for "Local servers accounts" and "Local servers groups"
BWIPUAR-1145: Change French Control Browser menu title
BWIPUAR-1146: Controls Browsers remediation status
BWIPUAR-1147: Scope tag (etiquette portée) is not nationalized
BWIPUAR-1148: Default size for control code column might be reduced?
BWIPUAR-1149: Analysis tab in controls browser detail display issues
BWIPUAR-1151: ACC23 - Change French displayname
BWIPUAR-1152: Control type = "Not available" when you select "Folder" in filters
BWIPUAR-1155: Should we hide the SOD Controls Menu?
BWIPUAR-1157: Entity nationalization issue
BWIPUAR-1158: Some control Details dialogs need some time to open
BWIPUAR-1159: Rights controls detail
BWIPUAR-1160: Hide Theoretical Rights Controls in control browser
BWIPUAR-1161: Add ability to launch post migration workflow to get previous campaigns metadata
BWIPUAR-1162: Quality Controls still use permissionInfo and ApplicationInfo tables
BWIPUAR-1173: As an auditor I want to be able to connect to brainwave to browse IAP campaigns and remediation
BWIPUAR-1176: 2 accounts tab in bwf_permissionDetailsDialog
BWIPUAR-1177: Tooltip to be disabled in bwf_permissionDetailsDialog controls tab
BWIPUAR-1181: Typo - Discrepancies instead of discrepancies
BWIPUAR-1182: Add missing controls QA15, QA16
BWIPUAR-1183: Add missing controls GROUP26 and GROUP27
BWIPUAR-1184: Account details ACL dialog box is empty
BWIPUAR-1186: Missing localization for new controls
BWIPUAR-1187: Add links and filtering options in review and remediation status dashboards and update to new look&feel
BWIPUAR-1188: Upgrade SOD Dashboard to new look&feel
BWIPUAR-1192: In Remediation Management page, we have two different status "New" and "new" for the remediation
BWIPUAR-1193: Update Identity Analytics description files (EN/FR) for 1.7 improvements
BWIPUAR-1199: Controls browser does not open the correct dialog for shares
BWIPUAR-1200: The 'Type' field for Shared folders show 'null' on the search page
BWIPUAR-1204: When clicking on "Refine perimeter", the selection of applications or repositories is lost (Except the first selection)
BWIPUAR-1208: SOD controls menu issues
BWIPUAR-1211: An error is generated in the console when trying to launch a remediation from the Control Browser on an account that is already being remediated.
BWIPUAR-1213: Updated reviewed object from the controls browser: status in the CB is not updated
BWIPUAR-1216: Disable controls browser remediation buttons for clients without iasreview feature?
BWIPUAR-1222: Double click on an account in bw_control_browser_controls_details_on_acc opens (behind!) the account detail page
BWIPUAR-1226: Fix dummy metadata creation
BWIPUAR-1229: Replace the "cancel" button with a "close" button in CB details dialogs
BWIPUAR-1232: Error while executing a control in CB
BWIPUAR-1236: Performance issue when reviewing application access rights
BWIPUAR-1237: Perf: In access360, disable PAM views with a featurepredicate because some views are executed unnecessarily for IAP.
BWIPUAR-1242: Administrator home page metrics can display 'Null' instead of '-' under certain conditions
BWIPUAR-1243: Sod license featureset issue
BWIPUAR-1245: KPI in administrator homepage can display Nan
BWIPUAR-640: Add an accounts without organization manager control, for review scopes
BWIPUAR-649: Integrate the controls browser (new) to IAP
BWIPUAR-767: Control ACC17 - Overallocated rights - Rule definition to be improved
BWIPUAR-770: Control ACC23 - Overallocated folder rights - Consider not only granted Permissions
BWIPUAR-910: Multiple selection of accounts for reconciliation
BWIPUAR-939: Tab Identity/Access/Shares - the message is confusing

IAP 1.6

BWIPUAR-1065: Migrate default mashup dashboards to "project" mashup dashboards
BWIPUAR-1062: MashupDashboard - Enhance functionaladmin and technicaladmin roles
BWIPUAR-1059: [test automation] flagged the reviewerstrategy combo for app and repo review
BWIPUAR-1055: Implement a test connection button for the Jira ITSM configuration page
BWIPUAR-1054: Jira ITMS - labels are not created during the ticket creation
BWIPUAR-1053: Jira connector, the "rejected" status is not considered as a final state of the ticket
BWIPUAR-1047: It's not possible to select tags for IAP repository accounts review
BWIPUAR-1030: Add  Jira Cloud as a remediation connector
BWIPUAR-1024: Email remediation: The remediation instance is not populated
BWIPUAR-1020: The identity picker is on the wrong timeslot when used from a campaign instance
BWIPUAR-1015: Add a remediation strategy: send email to ITSM and RPA for automated ticket/remediation
BWIPUAR-1014: The config parameter sndebug is mandatory even if no ITSM remediation is configured in IAP
BWIPUAR-1010: Xtab review - its not possible to say that "I am not the reviewer"
BWIPUAR-1009: The recorduid is declared twice in the view accessreviewcampaigns.view
BWIPUAR-1007: Subscribed xls reports do not find xls template if Brainwave web server is installed in a Linux environment
BWIPUAR-1004: The access360r_identity_accessrights page shows disabled accounts
BWIPUAR-990: Access review: ask for a change (update)
BWIPUAR-988: Protect Analytics through features
BWIPUAR-971: Delegation - Refresh delegation table after creation/modification/deletion
BWIPUAR-954: Application access right - Incremental review strategy - Libellé incorrect en EN
BWIPUAR-953: French typos accents in different pages
BWIPUAR-943: Typo in the ticket reassignment dialogue
BWIPUAR-934: Compute discrepancies remediation for account based reviews
BWIPUAR-932: Add a special status in IAP campaign manager for campaign in initialization status
BWIPUAR-931: As a Brainwave designer I want to enrich my UI with actionable buttons
BWIPUAR-930: As a reviewer I want to mark entries as not owned by "me"
BWIPUAR-925: Control Analysis fragments can show wrong entries
BWIPUAR-907: Identity shares & account shares inconsistencies
BWIPUAR-906: The shareFragment family selection drop-down can show two empty entries
BWIPUAR-862: Add a possibility to pause/resume a campaign
BWIPUAR-852: As a review campaign owner I want to know when a campaign init is finalized
BWIPUAR-846: When reviewing, instead of writing down a comment when i revoke an accounts/access I want to select a "standard" cause
BWIPUAR-845: As a review manager I want to launch an account or access rights  "self review"
BWIPUAR-837: In the review, when I self delegate an entry I want to still see its status and reassign it again if needed
BWIPUAR-825: Multiline headers are incorrectly displayed in the table configuration (missing a space)
BWIPUAR-763: Controls - ACC01 - Inconsistency between rule and suggested mitigation
BWIPUAR-608: Add modification in delegation facet (localization of notifications)

IAP 1.5

BWIPUAR-927: All review&remediation pages should be hidden if the user does not have a valid iasreview license
BWIPUAR-926: Migrate remediation add-on to IAP 1.5
BWIPUAR-924: The views atypicalfolders and atypicalperms present broken references
BWIPUAR-923: bw_manualremediationreviewstatus is missing from IAP
BWIPUAR-920: perf issue on bwaccess360_accessrightsreviewpage
BWIPUAR-918: Some Groups controls are using old metadata bwa_repositorymetrics_nb_nbaccount
BWIPUAR-917: Performance issue in the account detail page
BWIPUAR-912: Controls based on views and orgbwa_orgmetrics_nbmembers_nbdirectmembers metadata
BWIPUAR-911: Controls should use metadata instead of permission info
BWIPUAR-908: ITSM: multiple ITSM instances are incorrectly handled
BWIPUAR-904: Embedded remediation do not appear in the basket of technical managers
BWIPUAR-903: Activated Timeslot & Access360 error message
BWIPUAR-902: Dashboard feature issues
BWIPUAR-901: Improve the "bw_controlsmanager_admin" page
BWIPUAR-900: An error occurs in the logs when launching remediation
BWIPUAR-898: The message "ITSM tickets will be created" is ambiguous as embedded and ITSM can be used
BWIPUAR-897: The rights review is mislabeled 
BWIPUAR-896: Documentation for ITSM review and status
BWIPUAR-895: Remediation Velocity graph also includes remediation from bw_remediationreview facet
BWIPUAR-894: The column "job/organization" is empty
BWIPUAR-893: Filter out the hidden and technical repos in the remediation strategy management page
BWIPUAR-892: Nationalize the remediation status
BWIPUAR-891: Uniform date formats in the remediation revue page
BWIPUAR-890: HR repositories cannot be selected in the repository remediation strategy
BWIPUAR-887: The actions badge does not take into account the account status 
BWIPUAR-886: Typo - Etes vous sur ? - in FR deletion confirmation dialogue box
BWIPUAR-885: Identity "details" - "Decision history" tab - Decision status are not nationalized
BWIPUAR-883: Adapt the name of the excel attached to ITSM tickets
BWIPUAR-882: Remediation management, the "instance remediation" is not populated 
BWIPUAR-881: Impossible to run remediation on embedded application rights 
BWIPUAR-880: Refresh the page when changing tab in the remediation strategy 
BWIPUAR-878: NLS - Assignment & Assignment Group not translated
BWIPUAR-873: ACC30 should not use "leave" status
BWIPUAR-871: Improve the control calculation times for IAP
BWIPUAR-870: Enduser page: double clicking on a task as a delegatee sends to an unauthorized page
BWIPUAR-866: Update icons for the "chart network" and new lines in texts
BWIPUAR-863: Access360's My Applications tab can show duplicate entries
BWIPUAR-851: Typo in IAP create review page "ont déja été revue"
BWIPUAR-836: ITSM remediation
BWIPUAR-812: View bwa_groupnbapplications is using acl join instead of direct permissions


  • IAP 1.8
  • IAP 1.7
  • IAP 1.6
  • IAP 1.5