Installation modes

The Identity Analytics tools cli allows to use two different installation modes:

  • Desktop mode
  • Server mode

To use the server mode, the initialization command is: brainwave install.
For desktop mode the command is: brainwave init.

Desktop Mode

Desktop mode allows the user to create different projects on their environment. Each project is independent from one another.

To Start and stop the project instance deployment use the following commands:

  • brainwave start
  • brainwave stop

The data is stored in docker volumes. Volumes are prefixed using the project name. So its possible to have multiple projects on the same environment without conflicts. Location of the volume data in disk is completely managed by Docker. You should use the Docker for Desktop UI to find and explore the volumes.

Server Mode

This mode is only supported in Linux environments and its the recommended mode for server install.

In server mode, a single instance can exists. There is no notion of project.

The installation will use the following directories:

  • /etc/brainwave
  • /var/lib/brainwave
  • /usr/local/brainwave
  • /var/log/brainwave

For more information on the above mentioned folder please see the requirements page.

To start the services use brainwave start
To stop the services use brainwave stop


Before backing up the data, stop the services using the command brainwave stop.

Which mode should I use?

If you are using Windows as OS, only the desktop mode is supported.

In a Linux environment, both mode are supported however server mode is recommended.