The sub-pages include the documentation on the different operations executed when running the self-managed solution.

These include, among others:

  • Upgrading the application
  • Performing a backup
  • ...

Below you will find different common operations when using the solution.

Common operations

Interface URLS

<hostname>/ will allow the user to navigate to the portal. It will forward to configuration interface if its not possible to load the portal.

<hostname>/config will open the configuration interface. This interface contains the secret manager and license upload location. Please see here for the documentation on the configuration interface.

<hostname>/auth will open Keycloak admin interface.

<hostname>/controller will open the controller UI. Please see here for the controller documentation.

CLI operations

Here a list of common operations using the Identity Analytics tools CLI.

To get the full list of commands type brainwave --help. For more information on a detailed action add --help to the desired command. For example brainwave backup create --help

Please find bellow some examples.

  • Start the services: brainwave start
  • Stop the services: brainwave stop
  • Display log files:
    • brainwave logs to see logs from all containers
    • brainwave logs bwportal to see the logs from the portal
    • brainwave logs bwbatch to see the logs from the batch


  • Common operations
  • Interface URLS
  • CLI operations