Purging timeslots

Two mechanisms are involved regarding the purge of timeslots:

  1. Hidden timeslots
  2. Purge policy

Hidden timeslots

Hidden timeslots will be purged automatically after the next ingestion (timeslot creation).
You can hide a timeslot directly from the webportal:

  • Navigate to Datasource Management > History
  • Select the Timeslots tab
  • Select the desired timeslot
  • Click the ... menu
  • Select Hide timeslot in the Web Portal

Hide a timeslot

Purge Policy

If a purge policy is defined in the technical configuration, it will be run automatically after each ingestion (timeslot creation).

Be aware that there is already a purge policy in the default docker technical configuration that comes with the self-managed project:
Docker configuration default purge


  • Hidden timeslots
  • Purge Policy