Upgrading the application

Upgrading the CLI

To upgrade the version of the CLI.

  1. Download the latest version here
  2. Copy the downloaded file to the desired folder:
    • /usr/local/bin when in server mode
    • Into the created folder in desktop mode

Updating all containers

To check for updates, run brainwave status.
If an update is available, the installed version will be lower than the latest available version. It will also show up in the console with a !! after the Latest available version section. For example:

XXXX@XXXX:~$ brainwave status
Installation mode:         Server
Project name:              sandbox
Client version:            1.2.21
Installed version:         1.2.153
Latest available version:  1.2.183                   ‼
Git configuration:         Valid                     √
Images:                    All present               √
Services                   Stopped                   ‼

To run the update, the easiest method is to run the following commands:

brainwave admin upgrade
brainwave pull
brainwave start

For the full list of available option run brainwave admin upgrade --help.

Use the following to upgrade, pull the new images, delete the old images and restart the service in one command:

brainwave admin upgrade --clean-images --pull --start


  • Upgrading the CLI
  • Updating all containers