Identity Analytics Self-managed installation

Installation of the self-managed solution is only supported for:

  • Debian in a production environment
  • Windows desktop for dev and demo purposes

Before installing the self-managed solution please refer to the installation requirements page to validate a your system requirements and desired installation method.

Debug options

The following action are to be executed after having installed the self-managed solution for Identity Analytics.

Activate debug options

It is possible to enable debug options in the global tab of the /config frontend.

Activate debug options

This option adds two additional containers:

  • bwstmp4dev: That provides the user with a development smtp server to test or demonstrate the behavior of emails
  • bwpgadmin: That provides the user with a tool to access and query the internal databases.

These two containers help the solution administrator when developing or demonstrating the product.

Installation of containers

To install the containers once the option is activated it is required to:

  • Stop the application
  • Pull the missing application
  • Restart the service
brainwave stop
brainwave pull 
brainwave start

These operations must be performed manually.


  • Debug options
  • Activate debug options
  • Installation of containers