Windows desktop installation

Only Desktop mode is supported in Windows environments. Docker for Desktop is required. It is recommended to create a project folder with the desired project name where the binary file should be placed. For example: brainwave.


Docker for Desktop

Install docker for Desktop and configure it using WSL 2.

WSL 2 Memory Management

In order to configure the maximum memory allocation for the Docker services, create a file called .wslconfig in your home folder (e.g. C:/Users/username/.wslconfig)

Is a simple text file with following content:


A system restart might be required. More information here

Download and install Identity Analytics CLI

Download the Identity Analytics tools binary from Identity Analytics's Gitea repository You can also use the following direct link:

Docker registry

It is necessary to log into the docker registry for Identity Analytics:

docker login


To install the solution in desktop mode please use the following command:

brainwave install --project-name brainwave --desktop
brainwave pull

Initial configuration

Before starting the services, set up the hostname:

brainwave config --hostname brainwave.local

TLS configuration (Optional)

To activate tls

brainwave config --tls

The certificate (.crt) and the private key (.key) must be placed in the docker volume called: bwcertificates.
Find the path of the volume in your local deployment place the files inside the volume.

Please refer to the following page for more information:

SSL configuration page

Start the Services

brainwave start

Once installed navigate to the /config webpage to finalize the configuration. Please see here for more information.

Where are the logs ?

If you are using Docker Desktop with WSL2 (strongly recommended). You can reach the docker volumes in the following path:


The logs of the instance will be found in the folder *_bwlogs.