Selfmanaged Identity Analytics Release Notes

Version 1.5


Version 1.5 of the selfmanaged solution for IDA includes:

  • RedHat enterprise Linux support for version.
  • Batch: new feature to break reconciliations during the execution plan.
  • Config: Allow to customize the max memory limit fo the controller.
  • Config: provide a default git configuration out-of-the box.
  • Config: Modify the JAVA_OPTS used for running the batch.
  • Various vulnerabilities and bug fixes

Work item list

  • PP-764: Installation in windows desktop fails: protocol not available
  • PP-763: Docker compose version 2.24.7 is no longer compatible
  • PP-761: The base ledger and/or activity do not seem to be restored.
  • PP-757: File upload through DSM seems KO
  • PP-756: CLI extraction loops indefinitely
  • PP-755: CLI backup fails
  • PP-752: CLI updating resources fails
  • PP-751: Vault fails to start
  • PP-748: smtp4dev container fails to start up
  • PP-747: Batch fails due to missing project file
  • PP-746: Custom values in containers.conf
  • PP-745: Issue while configuring the external DB
  • PP-744: The follow on logs seems KO
  • PP-743: Ingress redirection seems to systematically add the 9080 port
  • PP-742: Installing on RHEL 8 does not work
  • PP-741: CLI brainwave admin destroy fails
  • PP-740: SELinux is blocking containers volumes mount
  • PP-738: Brainwave CLI updates
  • PP-737: Database container fails to mount the tempfs /dev/shm
  • PP-736: Ingress bind port on the host fails
  • PP-735: Ingress permission denied internally
  • PP-734: Portal link is not supported
  • PP-733: Orchestrator fails to mount /var/run/docker.sock
  • PP-732: bwlogs does not have permissions to mount the fluentd socket
  • PP-731: Stop using multiple networks
  • PP-730: Unsupported log driver fluentd
  • PP-729: Install procedure on a podman environment
  • PP-726: New simplified Tomcat Add-On pipeline
  • PP-724: xargs command not found in the bwauth log file
  • PP-723: Allow to modify the values of JAVA_OPTS when running the batch
  • PP-722: Update base image for bwextract
  • PP-720: Pipeline - Bump version to 1.5
  • PP-717: The collection of objectclass in the collector line of generic ldap are not truly multivalued
  • PP-716: Backend preparation to support AIDA service - Add Ingress
  • PP-715: Update bwingress image
  • PP-712: Upgrade APISIX and Keycloak to latest version
  • PP-711: [New] Portal WS should be accessible to other services without authentication
  • PP-709: Favicon KO when login to the IA interface, keycloak favicon instead of Radiant
  • PP-708: Backend preparation to support integrate ServiceNow CMDB connector
  • PP-706: Backend preparation to support AIDA mock service
  • PP-705: Backend preparation to support account removal from a group in IDDM
  • PP-704: Backend preparation to support deactivation an account in IDDM
  • PP-696: [DSM] Azure AD : issues with EVERYONE_EXCEPT_EXTERNAL_USERS group
  • PP-693: [DSM] Files uploaded during auto discover or test datasource remain forever on container and are accessible to connected users
  • PP-676: Improve error logs when user does not have at least the user role (401)
  • PP-671: [Config] Be able to set a default git config on a compose deployment
  • PP-651: [Config] Add an option to modify the mem_limit allocated to the controller
  • PP-546: Add an option to break reconciliations
  • PP-428: Corrupted file management in importfiles is not possible outside of the volume


  • Version 1.5
  • Overview
  • Work item list