If the target/destination needs populated with entries before starting synchronization, perform an initial upload. Uploads can be performed from the Main Control Panel or from a command line utility.

Upload from the main control panel

  1. Go to the Main Control Panel > Global Sync Tab.
  2. Select the desired topology from the list of topologies on the left.
  3. Select Configure next to the pipeline on the right.
  4. Select the Apply component.
  5. Select START next to Upload. Once the upload is finished, the synchronization components are automatically started.

Start an Upload

Upload from the command line utility

To run an upload from command line, you can use {RLI_HOME}/bin/vdsconfig.bat init-sync-pipeline -pipelineid {PIPELINE_ID}

PipelineId is the name of the pipeline. You can view this from the Main Control Panel > Global Sync tab. Select the topology on the left. On the right, hover over the Pipeline Name:

Example of Pipeline Name/ID

In the example in the screen above, the pipelineId value is: o_ldap_sync_object_suppliers_o_hrdatabase_pipeline_o_ldap