Version 2.1 of the migration tool is for RadiantOne v7.4 and serves two purposes.

  1. First time migration of configuration from a lower (e.g. dev/QA) environment to a higher (e.g. production) environment.

  2. Upgrade to a new major version of RadiantOne (e.g. v7.3 to v7.4).

This guide covers #1 only. For details on using the migration utility for upgrading, see the RadiantOne Upgrade Guide applicable to the version you are moving from/to.

The migration tool (migrate.bat/.sh) is provided as a separate download. It is not included with the RadiantOne install. Contact Support ([email protected]) for credentials and location of the Migration Utility. Download the latest migration utility from the Radiant Logic support site and unzip it on both the source machine (from where you are exporting) and the target machine (where you plan on importing). The migration tool leverages the RadiantOne configuration location identified in the <RLI_HOME> environment variable to perform the export/import of the configuration.

Specifying RLI_HOME

If you do not have an RLI_HOME system environment variable set, you must pass the location where you have RadiantOne installed when you run the Migration Utility.

An example of exporting configuration on Linux where RadiantOne is installed in /home/r1user/radiantone/vds, can be seen below.

./ /home/r1user/radiantone/vds export


  • Specifying RLI_HOME