Reporting Overview

From the Reporting screen, you can generate various reports to assist in monitoring performance and operations within your environments. This guide provides an overview of the Reporting section in Environment Operations Center, including its features and how to generate reports.

Getting started

To navigate to the Reporting screen, select Reporting ( image description ) from the left navigation.

image description

Generate a report

To generate a report you must select an environment to generate the report for. Optionally, you can also select a time range to filter the data for a specified period of time.

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Select an environment

From the Environment dropdown, select the environment to generate the report for.

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A detailed overview of the various components of the environment, their status, and operational health will display.

For further details on the components of each report, see the report types guide.

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Filter data by time range

You can filter the report data by time range, allowing you to narrow down the data to target a specific time frame.

To filter by time, select a range from the Time Range dropdown.

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Next steps

After reading this guide you should have an understanding of how to generate environment reports to review the operations and health of your environments. For details on reviewing detailed environment logs, see the environment logs guide. To learn how to monitor RadiantOne components, see the monitoring guide.


  • Getting started
  • Generate a report
  • Select an environment
  • Filter data by time range
  • Next steps