In addition to handling LDAP queries for data stored in RadiantOne Directory stores or Persistent Cache, the RadiantOne service can also respond to SCIMv2 (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), and REST (ADAP) requests.

Since RadiantOne supports the standard LDAP v3 protocol and operations, and this API is well documented by the industry, this guide focuses solely on the Web Services APIs available.

The HTTPS web services endpoint is disabled by default. Enable the endpoint from Environment Operations Center > Environments > Selected Environment > Application Endpoints > REST. This is the endpoint for both SCIMv2 and REST (ADAP) queries. An image showing

Disabling Protocols

Even if the HTTPS web service endpoint is enabled, you can disable any web service protocols that are not used by clients from the Main Control Panel > Settings > Server Frontend > Other Protocols > Web Services section. Click in the Disabled Protocols property to reveal a drop-down list of options.

Disabled Protocols Options

Figure 2: Disabled Protocols Options

Expert Mode

Some settings in the Control Panel are accessible only in Expert Mode. To switch to Expert Mode, click the Logged in as, (username) drop-down menu and select Expert Mode.

An image showing

Accessing the Web Services Welcome Page

You can access the welcome page by opening a browser and typing the following URL.



This displays the welcome screen and shows the supported services.

An image showing

Figure 3: RadiantOne Web Services Welcome Page