The following page provides you with high level information that can be useful when running the self-managed solution of identity analytics, a cheat sheet of sorts.

Default credentials

Upon first login the default credentials are:

  • user/login: setup
  • password: Brainwave@2023


The hostname MUST be lowercase.


To toggle TLS:

  • Enable: brainwave config --tls
  • Disabled: brainwave config --tls=false

Local access and hosts file

If you are running a demonstration or sandbox environment, add the hostname you configured to the /etc/hosts file, for example:       demo.local

Data Location

Please use the following link for more information on the folders (paths) used by the self-managed solution:

Data location

Update / upgrade

To check for updates, run brainwave status.
If an update is available it will show up in the console with a !! new to the Latest available version:

XXXX@XXXX:~$ brainwave status
Installation mode:         Server
Project name:              sandbox
Client version:            1.2.21
Installed version:         1.2.153
Latest available version:  1.2.183                   ‼
Git configuration:         Valid                     √
Images:                    All present               √
Services                   Stopped                   ‼

To install the update, run brainwave admin upgrade for example:

XXXX@XXXX:~$ brainwave admin upgrade
  Finding latest 1.2 version
● Will upgrade to version 1.2.183

Proceed with upgrade [y/n]: y

√ Remove containers [Complete]
√ Run container bwresources [Complete]
√ Upgraded application to version 1.2.183

Then run brainwave pull.

Importfiles management

Source files are located here:

  • /var/lib/brainwave/sourcefiles: files uploaded via the portal, or generated by connectors
  • /var/lib/brainwave/importfiles: files from the sourcefiles folder are copied here and modified if needed for the data ingestion (timeslot)

The /var/lib/brainwave/importfiles folder is mapped as a docker volume, projectName_bwimportfiles.
This volume is mounted in the bwbatch container as /data/importfiles.

To use external data sources (not extracted via integrated connectors), you will need to use the bw_data_collector.ps1 script.
You can configure it to upload each needed folder and files.
After doing this you will need to create a Generic bridge - file datasource.
This will simply copy the files that got uploaded to /var/lib/brainwave/sourcefiles into /var/lib/brainwave/importfiles where they will be ingested by your pre configured collects.
Keep in my that you will not be able to use {config.projectPath}/importfiles, instead you should use a variable containing /data/importfiles.

CLI documentation generation

It is possible to generate the documentation of Brainwave CLI in Markdown format.
To do so use the command brainwave gendoc :

PS ~> brainwave gendoc --help
Generate documentation

  brainwave gendoc [flags]

  -h, --help            help for gendoc
  -o, --output string   Output directory (default "./doc")

Global Flags:
      --console-logs   Also show logs on the console
  -d, --debug count    Increase log level
      --no-color       Turn off colorization
  -q, --quiet count    Decrease log level

This provides you with the full list of available commands.