Starting and Stopping Components and Services

This chapter describes how to start and stop the RadiantOne service and the web server hosting the Control Panels.

RadiantOne Service

You can restart the RadiantOne service from the Environment Operations Center. Select the environment and use the options shown when clicking on An image showing to start/stop/restart the service.

An image showing

Global Synchronization

Global Synchronization pipelines can be started from the Main Control Panel > Global Syn tab. Select the topology from the list on the left. Click RESUME to start synchronization for all pipelines.

An image showing

Figure 6.1: Starting Global Sync for All Pipelines in a Topology

If a topology has more than one pipeline, you can start synchronization for each independently. To resume a single pipeline, click CONFIGURE and select the APPLY component. Click RESUME.

An image showing

Figure 6.2: Starting Global Sync for a Specific Pipeline in a Topology


  • RadiantOne Service
  • Global Synchronization