Reporting Overview

Reports are a key tool for monitoring the health of the RadiantOne service and should be generated frequently to understand the performance and load on the server and audit the activity (who is doing what and when). Details on reports can be found in the Environment Operations Center.

Recommendations for Reporting

There are three recommendations for reporting:

  • To analyze/debug a problem
  • To periodically monitor the health of the RadiantOne service
  • To audit client activity of RadiantOne (who is connecting, doing what, and when)

The following sections describe each recommendation in more details.

Analyzing Problems

If consumers of the RadiantOne service are experiencing problems (time-consuming logins, expected information not being returned...etc.), the access report can be helpful in pinpointing what is happening on the server and diagnosing the problem.

Monitoring the Health and Auditing Client Activity of the RadiantOne Service

It is typically recommended to monitor the health of the RadiantOne service over a one week period at least once a month.

At the end of the reporting period, you can generate the Access Report from the Environment Operations Center.